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“We, the people of St. Joseph of the Lakes Catholic Church, as Christ's Body, strive to be the heart, hands and feet of Jesus Christ. ”

-- St. Joseph of the Lakes Vision Statement

St. Joseph of the Lakes

Updated Guidelines for Masses

We at St. Joseph of the Lakes continue to follow Archdiocesan and Minnesota Department of Health Guidelines for best practices regarding Covid-19 in celebrating the Mass and other operations here at St. Joe’s.

We are no longer required to keep records of those attending Masses for the purpose of Covid-19 exposures by either the Archdiocese or the MN Department of Health. With this relaxation of requirements we are not registering nor signing in for Masses. *We are continuing to require masks at entry for Mass and other gatherings, as well as maintaining 6ft social distancing.

If there is an exposure case here, we will have an announcement at Mass, in our bulletin and send an email out to all parishioners.

If you have any questions regarding Covid-19 procedures here at St. Joe’s please contact Amy Moore at [email protected]

  • Saturday Mass at 5:00 pm
  • Sunday Masses at 8:30 & 10:00 am
  • Drive Up Commuion is from 11:00 am to 12:00 Noon on Sundays.

*By coming to the 5:00 pm Mass on Saturdays you agree to be filmed for our recorded online Mass.




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A Message from Archbishop Hebda

Thank you for your vigilance in the Covid-19 Pandemic and we encourage you to keep following social distancing guidelines, wearing masks and if you are an adult and it's recommended for you, to please be vaccinated. Click the picture below to listen to Archbishop Hebda's message.

Why Give?

God has given us many gifts and He calls us to share these gifts to create a better community and a better world. Whether your gifts are financial in nature, giving of your time or your talents, there are many ministries here at St. Joseph's that will welcome your contributions! During this difficult time St. Joseph of the Lakes is here for you and our community. Learn more about giving today.

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Sixth Sunday of Easter

Good Morning! It's the Sixth Sunday of Easter and our presider is Fr. Mike Anderson assisted by Deacon Tom Konkel. Click the picture below to view the Mass and Happy Mother's Day!

Online Auction Fundraiser for Believe Guatemala

We all have an incredible opportunity to make a difference just by participating in an online auction fundraiser for Believe Guatemala May 7-12.

Believe Guatemala serves the community who lives and works on the edge of the Guatemala City Dump. We are making a difference by helping the children get educated, by providing food, tutoring, and support. Please join us in this fundraising effort this Mother's Day weekend. We have some unbelievable auction baskets you can bid on and we'll are also taking orders for some amazing handicrafts the women in the Dump have been sewing.

Click here to join in the fun! 

It's Camp St. Joe's!

We are excited to annouce the start of registration for Camp St. Joe's June 14 - 18 for kids age 5 through 5th grade!


Salvation Series

Join us for a new/Bible study/video/discussion series from FORMED, beginning Thursday April 8, 6:30-8:00 in the Worship Space here at St. Joe's!.

We hear at every Sunday Mass that Jesus came down from heaven for our salvation. Dr Michael Barber will guide us through what “salvation” means for a Catholic. Register by clicking the picture below and study guides will be available for $10. Contact Andi Million with questions in the parish office at 651.784.3015.

Adult Small Faith Communities

We are please to announce new Small Faith Communities for our adults in our St. Joe's parish.

These small faith communities are discussion groups with guided materials. You can create your own group, request a group by age, gender, interest or hobby. Meetings can be on site or at someone’s home.

Click the button below to sign up for the kind/type of group you would like to attend, then come and experience a sense of community in a Covid-19 safe environment.

If you have questions or would lile more information on the new Adult Small Faith Communities please contact Judy Foster at [email protected] or call 651-784-3015 and ask for Judy.

St. Joe's Ireland Trip

We are taking a trip and would like to invite you! We are taking a Pilgrage to Irelend- April 19 -  30, 2022

Explore the beauty of the “Emerald Isle” as you travel throughout the north and south. We'll visit the Blarney Castle for some kissing and spend two nights in a 17th-century castle. Savor a pint of Guinness and enjoy the company of our fellow travelers. This tour is accompanied by an excellent local guide, who will give insight about the spiritual and historical significance of Ireland. Let Magi Travel take you on one of their quality, custom tours which have been planned and perfected for over 35 years.

Space is limited so sign up today. Click here for more information or to register!

Additional Opportunities for Interactive Prayer

St. Joseph’s of the Lakes offers the following online services to those who wish to participate interactively in worship services.

Having an internet-connected device (computer, cell phone, or tablet), an email account and a desire to actively worship is all that’s needed. If you are interested please send an email to [email protected] Usually a day or so before the worship or prayer session starts, you will receive an email invite with an active link from [email protected] To improve security, the email will have a short personal message stating the purpose of the Zoom session with a reference to St. Joseph’s of the Lakes.

A few minutes before the session starts, click on the link. If Zoom is not installed, it will do so, after which you will be asked to join the session. That’s all there’s to it.

Liturgy of the Word Service

This service is the online version of our Word and Communion services held in the Small Chapel off of the main church. To start it will be held every Monday at 8:30 am. If there’s more interest, other days and times can be added.

Prayer Group (Christian meditation, guided prayer, and Scripture study)

The Prayer group is hosting an online Zoom conferencing session every Thursday until we can once again meet at church. The start time is 7 pm each Thursday. Please contact Michael at [email protected] for this zoom code.

Resources for Support

Our parish can be a wonderful resource when you find yourself in need. Barb Uschold Anderson, our Director of Pastoral Care is available to provide assistance in accessing mental health care, food and housing assistance, and spiritual care. Here is a list of community resources you may want to be aware of and share with family and friends. Barb can be contacted at 651-784-3015 x112.  

Click here for additional Resources

Mass Times

Weekend Mass Schedule
5:00 pm Saturday
8:30 and 10:00 am Sunday 

Daily Mass Schedule
Mon: Word and Communion 8:30 am
Tues: Mass 6:30 pm
Wed: Mass 8:30 am
Thurs: Mass 8:30 am
Fri: Mass 8:30 am

Drive Up Communion
Sundays: 11:00 am - 12:00 Noon


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