Together in Spirit

Celebrate with Us

Celebrate Eucharist through family, community, and God's presence in our lives. The communal celebration of the liturgy is the life of a parish. Liturgy is the "work of the people", and members of the whole community - from priest to parishioner, from musician to minister of hospitality, from minister of the Eucharist to RCIA sponsor.  Hearts, minds, bodies and souls are touched through liturgy.

Music is alive and a vibrant part of Liturgy at St. Joseph of the Lakes. The Liturgical Choir joyfully praises God with a wide variety of musical styles that reflect our Catholic heritage from traditional hymns to exuberant spirituals and contemporary songs of faith. Our 10:00am Sunday Mass features the Spirit Alive! Group on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month with an even more contemporary sound.