Together in Spirit

First Eucharist/Reconciliation

Please contact Scott Frieler at (651) 784-3015 ext. 104 or email [email protected]

This Sacrament Program is designed for 2nd Grade Students. Students 3rd grade and older seeking these sacraments should contact Meisha Johnson at 651-784-3015 #108 for information on a special adaptation of RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adult) for children. All students preparing for sacraments are required to be in a Faith Formation small group and attend Student/Parent special sessions and retreats throughout the year. The 2nd grade sacrament program is not only spiritual, it’s designed to be fun and exciting. The program incorporates experiential learning which allows students to learn not only through guided hands-on “play” but also through reflective learning. Please note, because these special sessions and retreats are activity based and require a high volume of volunteers, the session and retreats listed below are only offered once a year. There are no make-up sessions. A copy of the students’ Baptismal Certificate must be received by the Parish Office prior to receiving the sacraments.

Parents of older children who have not received these sacraments should contact Meisha Johnson at 651-784-3015 ext. 108 or email [email protected].