Together in Spirit

Adult Enrichment

For more information or questions on these programs please contact Meisha Johnson at (651) 784-3015 x108 or email at

Here at St. Joseph of the Lakes we believe that as members of the Body of Christ we are called to continual learning and discernment, forming our faith “womb to tomb.”  The core of our faith should include building a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, living out our faith through service (Social Justice), worshiping with a community of believers (liturgy)and sharing our faith with others (Evangelization). 

We offer many ways to actively pursue, enrich and form our faith.  

The scheduled opportunities described in the next pages include a variety of formats. Some are in large groups and others in small; some sessions focus on expanding knowledge of Catholic tradition and other times include integrating knowledge with lived experience. Call the parish office at 651-784-3015 for more information or to register for any of the following: