Together in Spirit


Please contact Andrea Grasse at (651) 784-3015 ext. 105 or email

The sacrament of Matrimony is celebrated after a six-month period of preparation.  The preparation time is spent filling out the marriage papers, taking and reviewing a premarital inventory, going on a retreat and meeting with your prepare mentor couple. This inventory deals with the following categories: children, finance, in-laws, interpersonal communication, interests and activities, marriage readiness, personal adjustment, religion and philosophy, role adjustment, sexuality and other critical items that the couple wishes to discuss.

Time is also spent planning the Liturgy and the music to be used on the day of the wedding. All of this is vital in preparing for a meaningful celebration of the Sacrament and providing a connection with the Church in the future.

Wedding coordinators from St. Joseph of the Lakes assist couples with the rehearsal and ceremony. The coordinators' duties include setting up the church, coordinating with the photographer, musicians and florist, assisting with the procession and any other last-minute details to help the wedding go smoothly and in a timely manner. A wedding coordinator will be in contact with the couple two weeks to one month prior to wedding to gather information and be available to answer any questions you may have prior to the wedding ceremony.

Contact Andrea Grasse at the parish office at (651) 784-3015 ext. 105 to get started.