Together in Spirit


With an active parish community here at St. Joseph of the Lakes, there are also plenty of opportunities to share your gifts of time and talent with the different ministries we offer. Check out the following needs:

Ministry Role/Need Time Commitment Contact
Pastoral Care Homebound Eucharistic Ministers 30 Minutes - 1 a week Barb Uschold Anderson in the parish office at (651) 784-3015 x112 or at [email protected]
Faith Formation Mentors for Middle & High School Faith Formation

1 1/2 hours once a month November - April

Scott Frieler in the parish office at (651) 784-3015 x104 or email at [email protected]
Multi-Media/ Sound Board  Operators/Workers 

1 1/2 hours on Saturdays and Sundays 

Anne Serwe in the parish office at                  (651)  784-3015 x103 or email at [email protected]
Ushers for Weekend Masses  Saturdays & Sundays for Mass times 1 2/3 hours Andrea Grasse in the parish office at (651) 784-3015 x105 or email at [email protected]

Below are required procedures for new adult volunteers or for volunteers who have done Virtus training but its been more than 3 years since they have had a background check done.

There is a Virtus training being held here at St. Joe’s on Wednesday, September 18, 2020, from 6-9pm. All registrations for Virtus on site training, whether it is done at St. Joe’s or some other parish, has to be done at the web site. All background checks are also done online. Please check with Judy Foster at 651-784-3015 if you are unsure if you to go through this process. Some examples of volunteer positions this summer that are required to go through Virtus are: VBS, Summer Stretch drivers and helpers, chaperones for any other programs on or off site that are sponsored by St. Joe’s. These requirements need to be completed before the date of volunteer service begins!

Click below to download these documents for our volunteers.

  1. Letter from Archbishop Hebda
  2. The procedure letter for new and for current volunteers who haven’t had a background check in the past 3 years.
  3. The Volunteer Application form that needs to be filled in and returned to me before service.
  4. The 123 B form that needs to be filled in and returned to me before service.
  5. A ‘re-credentialing’ guide for volunteers who haven’t had a background check in the past 3 years.

For those who have done a Virtus onsite training but now need the ‘recheck’ ‘re-credentialing’, they have to use the Virtus ID they used when they originally went through the Virtus onsite training. If you do not remember your ID please contact Judy Foster and she will give you your Virtus ID. 

For teen volunteers between the ages of 13 and 17 they need to get 2 recommendations from 2 different adults, one preferably being a teacher…and neither being a parent as well as read and sign the Youth Code of Conduct.