Together in Spirit


To schedule a baptism please contact Andi Million at (651) 784-3015  or email [email protected]

To schedule a baptism preparation session please contact Scott Frieler at (651) 784-3015 ext 104 or email [email protected]

The sacrament of Baptism is the beginning of the initiation process into the Christian community of faith. To help families understand and appreciate this sacrament, we offer a preparation class and information on the sacrament, the purpose of which is to provide support and encouragement. Parents are required to be registered members of St. Joseph's and attend a baptism preparation session prior to their child's baptism, preferably before the child's birth. 

Preparation Sessions
Preparation sessions for each family are being held separtely with Scott Frieler. To schedule a session please contact Scott at 651-784-3015 ext 104 or email her at [email protected]