Together in Spirit

Parish Council

St. Joseph of the Lakes Parish Pastoral Council serves the parish in an advisory capacity to provide leadership, direction and vision with the Pastor in carrying out the parish mission. This is achieved through a visioning and planning process that is operated under the Constitution of the Parish Pastoral Council. The council then organizes the groups, activities and missions of the parish into areas called commissions. These commissions serve as a communications link from various areas of parish life to the Parish Pastoral Council.

Parish Council Members

 Jeff Rutz Chair (651) 784-3703
 Open Faith Formation  
 Valerie Benedix Pastoral Care (651) 270-8566
 John Carney Community Life (612) 719-1516
 LeAnn Zogg Trustee (651) 483-1246
Robert McMullan At - Large (651) 407-6550
 Paul Siler Finance (651) 765-6035

Staff Members on the Parish Council

 Fr. Mike Anderson, Pastor (651) 784-3015 ext. 106
 Amy Moore, Administration (651) 784-3015 ext. 109