Together in Spirit

10th Grade Candidates - Letter to Archbishop

10th graders are required to write a letter in their own words to the Archbishop requesting to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. It should include a short statement of why he/she seeks the sacrament and a statement of intention to faithfully live out the responsibilities that are proper to a confirmed member of the Church. For example, candidates can share how they are committing to Peer Ministry, Social Justice Commission or events, Lectoring, Spirit Alive music group, Hospitality ministry, August Festival, etc.

This letter should be typed on a separate sheet of white typing paper or nice stationary (NOTE: Do NOT used lined notebook paper!). Typed letters need to be handed in to Denise Walsh. You do not need to put the letter in an envelope as St. Joseph's will send them all together. Below is an outline candidates can use for their letter:

Office of the Archbishop
226 Summit Avenue

St. Paul, MN, 55102

Dear Archbishop Hebda,

I, (name), a member of St. Joseph of the Lakes Catholic Church have completed the program of preparation for Confirmation. I request the privilege of being confirmed into the Catholic Church because (list examples of how you are living your responsibilities as a member of the Church).

As a full member of the Church, I promise to (reiterate how you will continue to fulfill your responsibilities and intentions).

I trust you will grant this request.


(Your name)