Together in Spirit


The key to any healthy faith community are adults who are committed to deepening their spirituality. Our Bishops have long recognized this reality and have often emphasized that Adult Faith Formation should be the center and primary focus of parish faith formation. That means we all need to continually be evangelized by participating in opportunities that deepen our understanding and relationship with God. This includes finding opportunities to witness to our faith journey by sharing our stories of faith.

  • Small Group Ministry - these groups consist of 8-10 adults who gather for 5 weeks for faith sharing, fellowship and prayer. There are a wide variety of materials that are available to these groups. Topics range from reflections on the Scripture readings for upcoming Sundays, to CDs, videos and books on Catholic spirituality, morality, sacramental life, parenting, sexuality, social justice, marriage, scripture studies and more.  
  • Small Church Communities - these are groups of 8-10 adults who commit to gathering regularly for at least one year to experience a shared life together around faith sharing, prayer, fellowship and service.

If you are interested in joining any of these groups, please contact the parish office at (651) 784-3015 and ask for Judy Foster.