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Recent Charity & Justice Projects here at St. Joe's

Here are some thank you's from our latest Charity & Justice Donations:

Dear St. Joseph’s

On behalf of Stepping Stone Emergency Housing, our Board of Directors, and myself, thank you for your part in making our 2020 ParTee Fore a Purpose a success! With the help of your donations, we nearly reached our goal of $60,000! This is one of just two annual major fundraisers we count on to support our mission to provide emergency shelter and critical support services to individuals 18 and older experiencing homelessness while striving toward self-sufficiency.

Jazmine is a former resident who was able to use those critical support services and turn her life around. Here's where Stepping Stone became a part of her journey:

"I was frozen. My feet were frozen. My hands were frozen. It hurt to walk. A nice police officer said, 'We have a place that you can go to' They helped me get into Stepping Stone. When I got there, they were really nice. They fed me and let me search through the clothing closet.

That was a day that changed my life... otherwise, I don't know where I'd be right now. I was outside and it was eight degrees.

It's not hard for me now. I have a plan to acheive my goal. By this coming summer, I plan to have my own place with room for my kids. I have three-month goals and six-month goals. As long as you're doing your plan, you will move forward.

This shelter is an actual stepping stone back into a new life."

Your generosity in supporting our ParTee Fore a Purpose allows us to continue offering the vital services and programs to those experiencing homelessness. We will continue to strive toward our vision that everyone has a place to call home. Thank you, again, for being part of this year's ParTee and thanks so much for your generous donation!

Julie Jeppson - Executive Director - Stepping Stone