Together in Spirit

Youth Ministry

To learn about more about the Youth Ministry program here at St. Joe's, please contact Scott Frieler at [email protected] or at (651) 784-3015 x104.

"Youth Ministry is important in the life of the Church! In this grace-filled moment, you and I are called, by the Lord, to do this important ministry." 

It is an exciting time to do Youth Ministry in this 'moment of grace,' especially with the election of Pope Francis. His humility, simplicity and example is prompting the world, especially among young people, to give the Church a 'second look'.

In the digital age, Youth Ministry is bringing the Good News to young people by the art of living well - and it begins and ends with the Lord. May we remain faithful to the   challenges of our own time, and using the gifts before us, including technology, may we bring many people to live well in this life and the next."-His Excellency, The Most Reverent Frank J. Caggiano of Bridgeport, Connecticut Member of the Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth

St. Joseph of the Lakes will have many opportunities for youth to get involved in their faith. Stay tuned for information coming for 2021.