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August 2020 archive of From the Desk of Fr. Mike

August 2020 archive of From the Desk of Fr. Mike

Update on Our Archdiocesan Synod

Posted by Anne Serwe on 8/24/20

As we have been living through the pandemic precautions the Pre-Synod Prayer and Listening sessions tended to fade into the background. However, Archbishop Hebda and his team continued to process what they heard and just recently articulated the focus areas of the 2022 Archdiocesan Synod.  These will be three ... Read More »

We Need Give and Take

Posted by Anne Serwe on 8/17/20

I am part of this country as you are too. I believe in this country and it’s people. I believe in the divine principals of justice and freedom for which these people fought which will grow up as the nation grows. I believe no petty evil can harm the ... Read More »

Jesus Journeys with Us

Posted by Anne Serwe on 8/10/20

Last week we heard how Jesus fed five thousand men not counting the women or children, with five loaves and two fish. All ate until they were satisfied and the disciples collected twelve baskets of leftovers. Today the great deeds continue as Jesus walks on water to join the ... Read More »

Greetings from Gulu, Uganda!

Posted by Anne Serwe on 8/03/20

Greetings from Gulu, Uganda! 

My name is Fr. Martin Agwee and I serve as the Chancellor and Treasurer for the Archdiocese of Gulu in Northern Uganda. I have been looking forward to making my first visit to the great country of the United States of America to visit you in ... Read More »


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