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From the Desk of Fr. Mike

From the Desk of Fr. Mike

A Revolution of Tenderness

Posted by Anne Serwe on 5/16/22

Rome - In the hopes that the world can be freed from the “specter of loneliness and the demon of war,” Pope Francis is calling on the elderly to lead a “revolution of tenderness.”

Old age, he said, is not a time to “give up and lower the sails,” ... Read More »

Confirmation and First Eucharist

Posted by Anne Serwe on 5/09/22

It was a very eventful weekend last week as we completed the initiation of our high schoolers as they received the gift of the sacrament of Confirmation and the second graders advanced their initiation with the reception of Holy Communion. I am sure you have been told this several ... Read More »

Great Days of the Easter Promise

Posted by Anne Serwe on 5/02/22

Every Spring I am amazed at the violence of life that cannot be subdued by most anything the weather throws our way. Last Sunday, most people coming into the church complained about the bitter cold and harsh wind, yet as I drove my golf cart back home after doing ... Read More »

Easter Blessings and Thanks

Posted by Anne Serwe on 4/25/22

I am writing this in anticipation of a wonderful Holy Weeks’ worth of celebrations.  It is Tuesday of Holy Week, and everything is building with anticipation of the days to come.  The choir and the instrumentalists have been doing extra practices as they prepare to enhance our liturgy with ... Read More »

Alleluia - He is Risen!

Posted by Anne Serwe on 4/22/22

Congratulations to our newly confirmed members of our church: Amy Bremness, Taylor Smith and Katie Strauss.  I am so grateful that you listened to the Holy Spirit and turned towards this Body of Christ. My hope is that you will continue to be open to that same Holy Spirit ... Read More »

New Holy Water Stand

Posted by Anne Serwe on 4/11/22

When we emptied the baptismal font  during the COVID moments we established a holy water holder in the gathering space. It has seen great use since we installed it.

Steve Berry, (Santa Claus) has made a beautiful cabinet for the holy water container to rest on. Being a master ... Read More »

Health Updates from Fr. Mike

Posted by Anne Serwe on 4/04/22

As of today (Tuesday) I still have not heard from the doctor who ordered the MRI for my ankle. I did leave her a message on Friday asking when I might hear her interpretation of the results of the MRI, but I have not received an answer. I appreciated ... Read More »

Conscious of Health Issues

Posted by Anne Serwe on 3/28/22

Since returning from St. John Vianney Center last year I have been more conscious of my health issues so I have been getting physicals every six months. In October the most remarkable notation (for me) was that I had dropped from a height of six feet to five foot ... Read More »

Living out Independence

Posted by Anne Serwe on 3/21/22

Many years ago, as my older sister was living out her independence from parental expectations, she decided to host Thanksgiving dinner. She prepared a wonderful roast beef dinner with all the right trimmings (including popovers) for that type of meal. Walking into her house one was greeted with the ... Read More »

Variety Show - A Wonderful Celebration of our Community!

Posted by Anne Serwe on 3/01/22

By now there is one more performance of “That’s Snowbiz” to be done. I have been practicing with the men’s group on our one contribution to the show: “Gotta Plow”. Last Sunday I joined the cast as they practiced with the stage band and was overwhelmed by the energy ... Read More »


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