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February 2022 archive of From the Desk of Fr. Mike

February 2022 archive of From the Desk of Fr. Mike

The Very Young and Very Old

Posted by Anne Serwe on 2/21/22

To caress an elderly person expresses the same hope as caressing a child, because the beginning of life and the end are always a mystery, a mystery that should be respected, accompanied, cared for, loved. Pope Francis, Feb 9, 2022 on Tweet Deck.

I appreciate the wonderful reminder that ... Read More »

Blessed Is The One Who Trusts In The Lord

Posted by Anne Serwe on 2/14/22

During whatever show I was watching a commercial for Cindy Crawford’s “Meaningful Beauty Anti-Aging serum” began it’s wearying promises of a youth activating serum that comes from some melon grown in southern France. It shows a remarkable comparison between a regular cantaloupe and this cantaloupe looking melon that contains ... Read More »

God Reveals Himself

Posted by Anne Serwe on 2/07/22

How could helping a guy catch fish be a revelation of the glory of God? Isaiah the prophet gets a “real” revelation with the Lord seated on his lofty throne and the Seraphim crying out to each other: “Holy, Holy Holy is the LORD of Hosts! All the earth ... Read More »

Holiday Season Passes On

Posted by Anne Serwe on 2/04/22

As the holiday season passes on and I begin to get my tax information to prepare this year’s income forms I find myself pausing in thanksgiving for all the kindnesses I received over these past months. I received many Christmas greetings from parishioners as well as old friends from ... Read More »


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