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Easter Blessings and Thanks

I am writing this in anticipation of a wonderful Holy Weeks’ worth of celebrations.  It is Tuesday of Holy Week, and everything is building with anticipation of the days to come.  The choir and the instrumentalists have been doing extra practices as they prepare to enhance our liturgy with their musical graces. Already the decorators have been hard at work getting the church ready for Palm Sunday (all in gorgeous red) and they will be redecorating the church for Holy Thursday, Good Friday and finally for the Easter season. Our servers and lectors, Communion ministers and hospitality ministers will all be stepping up to meet the demands of the bigger congregation as we celebrate these highest of all holy days. For all of this I want to give a word of appreciation and admiration for the graciousness I know I will be experiencing with you in these coming days. 

Congratulations and welcome to Amy and Taylor who were baptized at the Easter Vigil. I also extend my congratulations to Katie, Taylor, and Amy who were confirmed at the Vigil.  Next week we will be celebrating with the first communicants as they complete their next step of their initiation by receiving the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. On Monday, May 2 our young people who have been preparing for the final step of initiation will complete it with the bishop at the Basilica. Their journey into the fullness of Catholic Christianity is important for all of us as we look forward to the future of our faith community.  Please keep all these candidates for initiation sacraments in your prayers as they prepare to take deeper steps in living our faith. 



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