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Enjoy the Transition

I find myself in a familiar but uncomfortable place. I have always enjoyed the movement forward in a transition, but I have never enjoyed the ending of what I had been doing. This experience goes back as far as my grade school years. The last days of the school year seemed to stretch on forever, while the new school year could never get here fast enough. I never liked all the customs of ending: the final meals, saying goodbye; making promises to stay in touch; the attempt to continue relationships even after all is ended. As I am coming to the end of my relationship with you as your pastor I find myself realizing that the best I can do is to remember fondly the joys, struggles and the daily life we have shared. There are still several weeks before I am done, yet my calendar is filled with the moments that goodbye calls for. The days pass very slowly as I turn my attention toward my future.

I have visited the Benedictine Living Community-Regina several times as I prepare to move into a beautiful 2-bedroom apartment that they are providing for me. Part of this has been helpful to decide what I will pack and what I will throw away in the move. It is also helping me to decide what furniture I will need to make my apartment feel like home. Each time I enter the doors of that community I am more excited as I meet residents and staff members. I find myself thinking about what my life will be like as I serve as the priest presence for the Community and in a part-time basis as chaplain to the Allina Hospital that is connected to Regina. It seems that the days to begin cannot get here fast enough. 

I have resolved to just enjoy these last days with you even as I look forward to meeting a whole new community. People are asking me if I am counting the days and I have to admit I have been. My focus really is on June 16, when I will celebrate my last Sunday Mass as your pastor. The thought of that day already fills me with deep gratitude for all that God has given me in my time with you. 


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