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Fr. Mike Health Update

I wish I could tell you clearly what is happening to me, health-wise. I saw a neurosurgeon who after listening to my concerns and studying the MRI of my spine told me that my symptoms didn’t match my MRI findings. He first told me that my spine looks like it has the normal wear and tear of a sixty-five year old. He said there was nothing very remarkable about the findings. My symptoms seem to be more focused on my right leg, but the MRI shows that I have discs pushing on the left side of my spine. I should be having more trouble with my left leg, but that is not the case. He sent me to a neurologist to do a EMG (Electromyography) of both legs. I did not feel much of anything and at the end of the test the neurologist came to tell me that I have severe abnormal motor sensor polyneuropathy. At this point my medical team has not gotten to the source or treatment of this condition. Having this flair-up at Christmas season has not been helpful, since everyone needs to take holiday breaks. I was already planning on taking the second half of January off to recover from having my left shoulder replaced, but given my situation I have canceled that surgery but I will continue to take the month off as I seek answers to my medical situation.

Right now I need to use a walker to ambulate since I have lost a great deal of my sense of balance. My legs are both weak and numb. I grow fatigued walking to the bathroom from my living room. My hope is that in the coming weeks, working with my medical team I may get some answers and some direction as to how to move ahead with my medical situation. Please keep me in your prayers as I seek answers.



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