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Life is an Adventure

Life is such an adventure, even when it becomes limited and mysterious. The adventure rests in trying to figure out how to get on with a somewhat “normal” routine when each day new limits and frustrations arise. I have nothing new to report at this time, though by the time you will be reading this I will have been to a couple more doctor’s visits, though I am not expecting a clear and definitive prognosis quite yet. I suspect there are new tests and procedures and therapies to encounter as I explore what is happening to me. 

Several weeks ago, someone dropped off an electric Wheelchair here at St. Joe’s. It is an amazing machine, and it came just as I needed it. God’s providence never disappoints (it is all part of the adventure)!  It gives me mobility in my house, and it allows me to get over to the office and the church.  It was wonderful to be with so many of you last Sunday! I am planning to start to say Mass from the wheelchair this coming Wednesday. It will be in the chapel next to the main Worship Space (where the confessional is). The historic church has a step that I cannot negotiate at this time, but our newest church building was built for people like me. Hopefully between my medical journey and time we will figure out what is going on and begin a plan of recovery. My health right now will take a higher priority for me, so I may have to adjust my schedule to meet its demands. But I am not sure what that means right now.

Thank you for your prayers! Keep storming heaven on my behalf asking God to give wisdom to the doctors as they come up with a diagnosis that they can give guidance for some sort of a recovery.  


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