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Message from Driving?

Last week I started out on my vacation which was beginning at Pelican Lake. I got lost traveling north in Anoka trying to stay on highway 169. Instead, I got twisted up and ended up going north on highway 47. As I passed through St. Francis I became more comfortable with where I was going so I finally settled down, set my cruise control to 60 MPH and settled into my seat. As I began to relax, a deer suddenly came bursting across the highway and was aimed at me. I decided to accelerate with the hope that I would outrun the animal but it seemed determined to get in front of me. It glanced off the front left quarter panel and went flying at least 30 feet in the air until it landed on the side of the road opposite my car lane. I stopped to determine the damage to my car as well as to look at the deer.

The first thing I realized was that my door did not open as readily as it used to. I was able to get out of my car and I noticed my fender was caved in though my car was drivable. Looking at the deer it was clear that it was dead. I was glad that it’s genes would never be included in the next generation of deer. This was the first time I was ever “attacked” by a deer while driving. I always thought they just happened to be standing in the road at the wrong time or place. I am not sure what got into the mind of the deer, but someone suggested that since it was just outside of St. Francis the deer was sent to encourage me to do animal blessings. I am kind of the mind to think just the opposite, given the fact that the animal decided to come at me. Who knows, perhaps there is a message in it somewhere.



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